Italy proposes new Berthing Tax

Thu Dec 22 2011, 10:16 AM

Superyachts to be billed €250,000 to stay in country

As part of its attempt to get to grips with it debt crisis, Italy's government has proposed the introduction of a new Berthing Tax.

Under the scheme — which would begin in May 2012 — all craft over 5m (16ft) would be taxed on a daily basis if they decide to moor up inside a harbour — or anchor off outside a harbour.

Those over 24m (78ft) would be taxed at a rate of €90 per day (€32,850 per year), while craft in excess of 54m (177ft) would have to pay €190,165 per year.

All superyachts in excess of 64m (210ft) would need to pay €256,595 per year.

Sailing yachts and all yachts in dry dock would receive a 50 per cent discount, and there is some respite for older boats.

Those over five years old would get a 15 per cent discount, those over 10 years a 30 per cent discount, and veterans of 15 years or older would receive a 45 per cent discount.

This proposal is part of Decreto Legge 6 Dicembre 2011 n. 201 — a draft statute currently under discussion before parliament.