Mara Buoy enters North America

Mon Mar 20 2017, 14:26 PM
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Mara Buoy RI LLC to manufacture, market and sell the Mara Buoy products into the US, Canada and the Caribbean

Mara EFS in the UK has announced that Jebb Smith Ltd has licensed Mara Buoy RI LLC to manufacture, market and sell the Mara Buoy products into the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Headed up by Mark Donahue, the company is located in Tiverton, Rhode Island (US).

“Mara EFS provides a new solution to an old problem with mooring systems,” says Mark Donahue, owner of Mara Buoy RI. “A modern, safe and clean method to secure your vessel is something the customers will notice very quickly. In addition, this method of mooring is designed to reduce the stress associated with securing the mooring pendant and ensure a welcomed end to a day of fun,” he adds.

The Mara Buoys are a range of innovative mooring systems for yachts and small commercial vessels. According to the manufacturer, the Mara Buoy design offers substantial improvement over current systems in terms of longevity, safety, ease of use, reliability, maintenance and night-time visibility. They can also be personalized to include yacht names, logo or artwork.

There are two versions of the buoy, the Mara Buoy Dynamic and the Mara Buoy Static. With the Mara Buoy Dynamic the mooring line pick up point is at deck level and the mooring line ‘gives’ upon pick up allowing the deckhand time to make fast.

It features a galvanized steel backbone through which the mooring force is transmitted from the mooring line to the mooring chain. Reliability is increased by the fact that the mooring line runs over radiused surfaces, which reduces chaff. Allowing the line to swivel inside the galvanized steel backbone eliminates an underwater swivel.

To make maintenance easier, inspection of the mooring line and swivel are carried out through a window in the backbone. Underwater connection is by way of a shackle to the mooring chain, which gives a simple, strong connection. Reflective surfaces help to improve night-time visibility and close quarters navigation.

With the Mara Buoy Static the mooring line pick up point is also at deck level, but with this system the yacht’s mooring line is passed through an eye at the end of the Mara Buoy line and brought back on board. The eye is designed with large bend radiuses and uses low friction materials, which combine to substantially reduce chaff.