NMMA polls members on potential NAFTA changes

Fri May 19 2017, 15:49 PM

The free trade agreement will be renegotiated in August

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has asked US marine industry companies to comment on the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The Trump Administration has sent a letter to the US Congress notifying members that the US will officially start negotiations of the 23-year-old treaty.

The NMMA asked members to provide feedback on what does and does not work for the US in the NAFTA treaty. The survey asked about whether tariff reduction/elimination, intellectual property protection, dispute resolutions, access to supply chains and other issues would impact its members. It also asked whether increased exports to NAFTA countries (Mexico and Canada) and exports of raw materials and equipment from those countries would benefit its members.

“NMMA will be working with the administration to make sure that recreational boating priorities are included,” said a note in the NMMA’s Trends daily newsletter, which had a link to a survey. “Formal negotiations are expected to begin in August.”