Palumbo gives ISA brand a new lease of life

By David Robinson
Fri May 19 2017, 16:38 PM
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Links with international designers for new models

Following its acquisition of the ISA brand and facilities in Ancona, Italy, the Palumbo Group has now announced plans for relaunching the brand. To do this, Palumbo is building on 50 years of experience of new builds and refits, and linking with international designers for an ISA range of restyled models.

“The new course of the shipyard will be based on a fully redesigned line-up, starting with the complete restyling of the Sport, Classic and GT ranges by Team for Design Enrico Gobbi,” Palumbo states.

“ISA Yachts continues to implement its development strategy, with the goal of confirming its standing as a leading global megayacht builder,” says ISA Yachts CEO Giuseppe Palumbo.

“Since its foundation in 2001, ISA Yachts has been a champion of excellence in quality, materials, finishings, technology and design, creating luxury megayachts [32 units built so far in the 36m-66m (118-217ft) range] that feature a high level of personalisation and a recognisable Made in Italy style.”

Palumbo suggested that: “A sporty, dynamic mood, top level performance and sophisticated styling go hand-in-hand with the style and design features that ensure ISA models are uniquely recognisable. The most evident examples being the big arch that establishes a link between the cockpit and the superstructure, the continuity of the stairways in the stern right up to flybridge level, the big side windows, and details inspired by the automotive industry.”

ISA Yachts general manager Francesco Carbone explains: “The challenge we have set the designers, several of whom have a consolidated working relationship with the brand, is to work on the yachts’ distinctive features and transform them into true iconic elements  as  a  way  to  strengthen  the  brand’s identity. In this mission, they are supported by over 50 years of consolidated refitting experience at the highest levels.”

“ISA Yachts is a relatively young company,” explains marketing and communication manager Daniela Spinelli, “one which right from the outset has boldly expressed distinctive features that have driven quickly to success. We have extensively worked with designers and naval architects, listened carefully to the feedback received from our owners in order to implement an effective strategy that  we believe will contribute to further assert the brand’s positioning and awareness on international markets.”

Three models are included in this initial ISA brand relaunch, which are:

  • ISA Sport 120 – the new model is an evolution of the previous 37m (121.5ft), the entry level of the ISA Yachts range of which 11 have already been built. The latest will be launched in Ancona in June 2017. The brand identity is emphasised by a refreshed and even more functional touch.

“We revisited the typical features that distinguish ISA Yachts with a modern key, taking inspiration from the pure shapes of nature and combining details that recall those of a luxury sport car,” says Enrico Gobbi. “The elements that make 120 Sport distinctive are in first place her elegance, given by neat style lines and balanced proportions, her reference to natural elements, which the designer cleverly transformed into stylish details, and the dynamic appeal that the overall design conveys."

  • ISA  Classic 50 – the new stylish, 50m (164ft) tri-deck yacht is the first born of the new “Classic Line”.

As explained by Gobbi: “The ISA 50 is a performing yet elegant yacht, that reflects a sleek design with a nicely proportioned profile balanced by the typical grand arch connecting the aft deck cockpit to the superstructure.

  • ISA GT 67 – the successor of GT 66, winner of 2014 World Yacht Trophies with the iconic M/Y Okto,  the model gains one meter and features the same innovations as the other two projects. The first unit will be launched in 2019.

“We revised the typical features that distinguish ISA Yachts with an even stronger appeal, such as the grand arch connecting the aft cockpit to the superstructure to the superstructure, enriched by the air intake detail worthy of a sports car," says Gobbi. The design of this large and unique sports yacht shows a well-balanced and pure exterior, with sleek, strong lines and slender silhouette, transparent glass. This infinity pool, with outstanding dimensions and depth, is a granted 'wow' factor for GT 67."