CMC Marine in collaboration with French hydro-dynamics firm

By David Robinson
Fri Sep 14 2018, 09:18 AM

The Italian stabilisation specialist has also set up a new UK subsidiary

Italian marine stabiliser and thruster specialist CMC Marine announced a new collaboration with French hydro-dynamics expert Sirehna Naval Group at the Cannes Yachting Festival this week. CMC has also set up a new subsidiary in the UK which will be fully operational from early 2019.

The new collaboration with Sirehna is about applying naval experience to civilian projects, particularly the superyacht market, in which CMC already has a substantial presence. There is a lot of synergy between the two groups in as much as:

  • They both share a strong focus on engineering
  • They both invest heavily in R&D; on average about 15% of annual turnover
  • Products are seen as developing projects
  • There is a strong expertise in hydrodynamics and ship motion control
  • Both have proven solutions covering data processing, systems integration and stabilisation

The first result of the collaboration is a new trademarked system called Argo. This combines control of rudder and fins to deliver superior performance across four areas – course stability, seakeeping, roll reduction and fuel consumption. This enhanced performance is achieved through a continuous information exchange among ship sensors, CMC actuators and control system. The new Argo system serves as an addition to CMC Marine’s control software.

Alessandro Cappiello, CEO of CMC Marine, told IBI: “Pricing for the Argo system will be issued in the future. As to the future, we have lots of ideas to work on.”

CMC Marine Ltd is the new UK-based subsidiary for the CMC group. Sam Crockford, managing director of CMC Marine Ltd, told IBI: “We are just getting established with finding a location to base ourselves and also recruiting staff. I envisage having a base somewhere between Heathrow and Gatwick airports and we will be operational by early 2019.

“The UK subsidiary will be responsible for covering not only the UK but the whole of Northern Europe including France. The area will extend from Scandinavia and the Baltic through to France,” he added. “By the end of 2019 we will have a team of eight or nine people comprising 50% engineers and the other 50% administration and sales.”

The CMC group’s presence in the yacht market is significant, accounting globally for one-third of all yachts from 30m-50m (99ft-164ft) and 70% of Italian yachts. CMC was established in 2005 and since then it has developed a range of stabilisation and thruster products.

Sirehna has 30 years’ experience in hydro-dynamics applied to both the civilian and military maritime sectors. It is 100% owned by the Naval Group, formerly DCNS, and it is an R&D partner of the French Navy in the hydro-dynamics field.