Italian government amends berthing tax

Fri Mar 2 2012, 11:25 AM

Foreign nationals have been excluded from paying the controversial new tax

Italian marine industry association UCINA today confirmed that the Italian government has exempted foreign owners of boats and pleasure ships from paying the country's new berthing tax when passing through or mooring in Italian waters.

The tax will only apply to Italian owners of boats and pleasure ships, including those sailing under a foreign flag. Also exempted from payment of the tax are craft belonging to hire or lease companies, says UCINA.

“We are pleased that foreign pleasure boaters can now organise their holidays in our seas without having to pay any additional charges,” says UCINA president Anton Francesco Albertoni.

“Nautical tourism from abroad is an important resource for our country. Therefore, we may now continue to offer overseas pleasure boaters the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of our coastlines, as well as the services, facilities and warm welcome Italian hospitality is renowned for.”

UCINA worked hard to convince the government to make amendments to the new berthing tax, which was passed by Italian parliament in December last year. The new tax on ownership is due to take effect on May 1, 2012.