NMMA files lawsuit against EPA

Thu Sep 22 2011, 15:36 PM

The US trade association joined other groups in challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s labeling requirements for E15 fuels

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) yesterday filed a lawsuit along with the Engine Products Group (EPG) against the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The groups are challenging the EPA’s rule concerning fuel pump warning labels and other controls for gasoline containing up to 15 per cent ethanol (E15).

The NMMA said in a statement that the EPA rule also included a denial of EPG’s request that EPA ensure the continued sale and availability of gasoline blends of no greater than 10 percent ethanol. It fears that fuel retailers who are given the choice of E10 and E15 may decide to only offer E15, which the trade association says could be harmful to marine engines.

In December 2010, NMMA filed a separate suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals challenging EPA’s partial waiver approving E15 for certain model motor vehicles. That case is ongoing.

The Engine Products Group includes NMMA as well as the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM) and the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers (AIAM).