Dutch boatbuilder receives major order from China

Mon Mar 20 2017, 15:15 PM

Chinese client has commissioned Dutch Premium Yachts the design and construction of 18 boats

Dutch Premium Yachts in the Netherlands has received an order from a Chinese client for the design and construction of 18 boats.

“We are proud of this exciting venture, which we’re currently rounding off,” says Bart van der Wijk, director of Dutch Premium Yachts.

The order comes from a Chinese clothing tycoon who wanted 18 boats for his theme park. The order comprises eight Venetian gondolas, two limo tenders, two salon craft, two twin-deck salon boats and four touring boats.

“Together with the client, a Chinese clothing manufacturer, we turned their ideas and inspirations into lifelike 3D visualisations on-site,” Van der Wijk explains.

Dutch Premium Yachts has also reported that the company is working with RCM Jachtservice, Thecla Bodewes Shipyards, Euro Offshore and Dutch Quality Yachts to deliver this order as the craft are due to be delivered in 2017.