Life after insolvency: Hunton aims for US$50m in sales worldwide

Mon Mar 20 2017, 15:58 PM

Hunton Yachts CEO unveils plans to tap the international market

Fiona Pool, CEO of Hunton Yachts, recently told that the company plans to increase production to “40 to 50 boats a year” over the next five years, while pushing annual sales to about US$50m. The company hopes to expand its international business.

Hunton Powerboats placed itself into voluntary liquidation in November 2016. The Hampshire-based firm relaunched as Hunton Yachts in January, with new investors.

Pool, previously an investment banker and founder of two luxury businesses, told that Hunton will “revolutionize the luxury yacht industry” as other British luxury brands have done. Hunton, she told the website, has a pedigree that has never been marketed internationally.

The company’s restructuring includes outsourcing production in the UK as well as launching new products for 2017. It will debut a new 55ft performance cruiser and 45ft day boat. Hunton will also introduce a new center console, according to the website, which will have outboard or inboard options. The performance yachts will be geared for an ultra-high-net worth market.

Pool told the website that her “driving force” was to grow the Hunton business. Hunton was founded in 1979 by powerboat racer Jeff Hunton. “My passion was not necessarily in the yachting world,” Pool told the website. “But I have always had an inherent appetite for design and this coupled with the chance to turn the business around and grow it into an international brand is what drives me forward.”

Pool added that Hunton has some unique traits that will help its growth. “We are one of very few brands that were borne out of a racing pedigree, so we have stellar performance and sea worthiness,” she said.

“Added to this is our quality of finish and attention to detail that is more akin to a superyacht than a 45ft day boat. We build in small numbers for the true connoisseur. On top of that. British design and engineering has long been admired the world over so our international clients love the ‘Britishness’ and the exclusivity that owning a Hunton brings.”

The company has also announced a new dealer in Singapore.