Australian boatyard plans major expansion

By David Robinson
Thu Aug 10 2017, 15:28 PM

The Yard Brisbane is looking to attract more superyacht work

The Yard Brisbane is undertaking a major investment through 2017/18 as part of a strategy to increase its capacity and workload to attract more superyacht work. This facility comprises a large marine precinct which is described as one of the most well-resourced shipyards in the Southern Hemisphere.

The multi-million investment has already started and it will build on the already strong range of services and equipment which The Yard provides. As part of the plan, earlier this year a Baileys marine refuelling facility was installed and this is seen as an important asset in dealing with the superyacht, commercial craft and naval vessel workload that The Yard handles.

In addition to the refuelling facility, the investment plan also includes:

  • A 1,200-tonne travel lift
  • Refurbished hardstand area
  • Mobile boat trolley
  • ISO 9001 accreditation
  • Refurbishment of vessel berthing facilities
  • Upgraded project management and refit coordination services

All the above will enhance The Yard’s exisiting facilities, which include:

  • 300- and 600-tonne travel lifts and a 65-tonne straddle carrier
  • Refit shed up to 90m (296ft)
  • 25 on-site specialist marine trade businesses and workshops
  • Deep water berthing up to 60m (197ft)
  • Paint and abrasive services
  • Specialists dealing with steel, aluminium and composite

The 25 marine trade specialists and workshops provide a comprehensive range of services which include aluminium and steel fabrication and ship repairs/refits, a wide range of design options across all areas, electrical, engine, chandlery, hydraulics, propeller and shaft services, interior fit-out and upholstery among others. The refit ship is 25m (82ft) wide with a height of 25m.

With the prospect of more superyachts visiting Australia for the Commonwealth Games next year, and once the move to allow foreign-flagged yachts to charter is implemented, The Yard sees such vessels as being a key part of their future workload.